CaseySpeaksHairReplacement: “Professional Hairstyling and Hair Replacement: You Trusted Your Natural Hair to Professional Styling. Are You Trusting Your Hair Replacement Hair to Professional Styling?” Natural Choice Hair Replacement Logo
Okay…you no longer have your natural hair.

You now have hair replacement hair. And with your hair replacement hair you have a look in mind. A vision. It’s called Your Look with Hair. That’s important. It’s your image, a big part of how you project to the world. A big part of your vibe. Your Look with Hair! Wow!

Natural Choice Hair Replacement (NCHR) understands the importance of Your Look with Hair. We get the vibe. We’ve been working it for 30+ years., providing professional styling counselling and styling craftsmanship for women and men with hair replacement hair.

Men and women treated with a customized hair system from us experience our professional hair styling counselling and hair styling craftsmanship from the start. Supporting your customized hair system with ongoing professional styling support is a given. It only makes sense. We work side-by-side with you to formulate your “look” with hair and keep it alive for the long term. We take pride in playing an important part of each client’s hair-look vibe, long term!

NCHR’s experience extends to providing professional hair styling counseling and hair styling craftsmanship to women and men who come to us with a pre-existing hair system. Some of these individuals indicate they were set up with a non-surgical hair-replacement system by a company that promised after-sale styling support, but the styling was less than professional, leaving the individual to deal with a hair replacement look that isn’t their vision of their look with hair. A hair-replacement system solution that doesn’t show off a man or women’s vision of their look with hair isn’t a solution at all. It’s just a hair-replacement system.

Some women and men come to us with a hair system purchased from a do-it-yourself on-line provider or hair club, distant and remote. Although do-it-yourself is promoted in a big way this day-and-age, it can present problems when the do-it-yourself project requires specialized skills. Consider do-it-yourself home renovation. If you’re not experienced with the tools and methods of the home renovation trade, good luck with your do-it-yourself project. Computer on the fritz? Jaunt to the nearest bookstore and buy a computer book for dummies and then rush home and apply a do-it-yourself computer fix. Money and finances…no need for a financial advisor…you’ve got all the basics covered: Equity to bond ratio? Global exposure? Quadrant factor? Hmmm. Hair system to style?…just grab the nearest scissors and comb. Um-hum. Not to worry…NCHR invites you to bring your hair system and your vision of your look with hair to us and experience our professional styling counselling and styling craftsmanship…and Your Look with Hair! Your vibe! We get it, and we are here to engage with you in the lingo and techniques of professional hairstyling:

  • Taper versus fade
  • Undercut fade
  • Grading
  • Flat neck/V neck
  • Edges/squares
  • Rounding
  • Layering
  • Side part
  • Center part
  • Mop top
  • Scissor cut
  • Pompadour
  • Crop
  • Layering
  • Graduated/stacked
  • Wedging
  • Overdirecting
  • Lines
  • Fades
  • Blunting
  • Chopping
  • Cornrows
  • Pixie
  • Beehive
  • Bangs
  • Tousles
  • Side swept
Hair Styles 1

Hair Styles 2

Your hair replacement…Your vision…Your Look with Hair…NCHR!

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