Women - Hair loss/non-surgical Hair Replacement


Women, you’re determined that you want to do something about the hair loss you’re experiencing.


Consider Your Options

  • Non-surgical hair replacement versus surgical hair replacement
  • Wigs

Non-surgical hair replacement is where Natural Choice Hair Replacement factors into your life. We are the market leader for treating hair loss for men in London and southwestern Ontario with our proven, non-surgical product solution and service/support offerings.


Considered Against the Surgical Alternative, We Are:

  • Less than half the cost (in some cases as much as 85% less expensive).
  • Non-intrusive (no pain, no scarring, no recovery time to endure).
  • Flexible to adapting to your changing hair loss pattern over time. It is a common mistake to begin surgical treatment at the onset of hair loss when the overall balding pattern has yet to be established. Where surgery is applied as a first recourse, in some instances not long after the surgery, gaps of baldness present themselves as the balding pattern expands, necessitating further surgery. Natural Choice Hair Replacement’s solution easily, painlessly, and cost-effectively addresses changing patterns of baldness.
  • Totally reversible, without consequence, unlike surgery, which leaves permanent scar lines and areas of hair depletion.
  • Immediate in addressing the problem. No time intervals to gauge scalp response to transplant procedures and resulting hair growth patterns.

Women experiencing hair loss will sometimes consider concealing hair loss by wearing a wig. The difference between wigs and the Natural Choice Hair Replacement system solution is that our solution is a custom-designed prosthetic that integrates into the hairline for a natural appearance. Wigs do not integrate into the hairline: a wig simply “sits” on top of the cranium, resulting in the unnatural wiggy look.

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