Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Services


Natural Choice Hair Replacement is a full-service non-surgical hair replacement system provider/style house.

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Our Services Apply To:

  • People who have never had a hair replacement system but who are looking for a solution for a hair loss problem
  • People looking for a company to refurbish an existing hair replacement system

Men and Women Who Come to Us Looking for a Solution to Their Hair Loss Problem Can Expect:

  • A facial analysis that involves us analyzing your facial features and custom designing a hair replacement system to complement your natural look
  • The delivery of a hair system colored, trimmed, and fit to initial design specifications

After initial delivery and fitting, we are committed to supporting you and your hair system throughout the system’s natural lifecycle by periodically meeting with you to:

  • Clean, color, cut and trim your hair system
  • Ventilate (add strands of hair) to your hair system
  • Rebond your hair system

On-going support is based on one-off appointments or is provided as part of a contractually-based “Hair-For-Life” Program. Our “Hair-for-Life” Program provides cost-effective umbrella maintenance covering an annual period and is based on a negotiated rate that corresponds to a client’s unique coverage needs.

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Natural Choice Hair Replacement

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