Natural Choice Hair Replacement is owned and operated by Casey Robazza.


Natural Choice Hair Replacement is committed to addressing hair loss with high-quality, market-proven hair-replacement product systems. Our systems deliver a natural look, the look men and women in London and surrounding area (i.e., southwestern Ontario) have come to rely on NCHR for over 30 years.

With NCHR, you’re guaranteed quality backed by on-going customer-care service and styling of your hair system using the highest quality products in the industry. Products we use for cleaning, shaping, and bonding are made by market-leading manufacturers such as:

  • Jorgen (moisturizing shampoo, medicated shampoo, conditioner)
  • Kair (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray)
  • Schwarzkopf (“Moisture Kick” conditioner, hair spray)
  • Wella (shampoo, moisture treatment)
  • Revlon (Professional Hydro Nutritive conditioner)
  • Senscience (pomade)
  • bain de terre botaniceuticals (shaping gels)
  • Blueliner and Redliner tapes, permanent bonding tape, Brownliner tape
  • Super Tape and Ultra-Hold Frontal Lace Adhesives
  • Sanek neck strips
  • OSIS fibre gum

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Natural Choice Hair Replacement

Owned and operated by Casey Robazza.
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