Hair loss takes on many forms. A man or women knows when they are experiencing hair loss. But hair loss is a broad, generic terminology. When you begin noticing that you are losing hair, ask yourself “What kind of hair loss am I dealing with?”

Natural Choice Hair Loss (NCHR) has compiled the following word search that contains many specific terminologies that apply to hair loss and its various forms. Find the words. Check out definitions of the words (hint: our blogs “September – Alopecia Awareness Month” from September 2019 and Assessing Male and Female Hair Loss – Are You Really Losing Your Hair?” from June 2018 provide answers to many of the terminologies.

Which type of hair loss applies to you?

Natural Choice Hair Replacement logo Hair Loss/Hair Replacement Word Search
Natural Choice Hair Replacement Hair Loss/Hair Replacement Word Search
Whatever type of hair loss you’re dealing with, if hair loss is making you feel uncomfortable with your appearance and you’re considering options to counteract and/or conceal the hair loss you’re experiencing, you are invited to contact NCHR. Our non-surgical approach includes complete hair systems that function to conceal hair loss and restore a man or woman’s natural look with hair.


P.S. – You can print a hard copy of the NCHR Hair Loss/Hair Replacement Word Search by following the link:
NCHR Hair Loss/Hair Replacement Word Search