Thirty-five+ years in the non-surgical hair replacement business, with the past 28 consecutive years serving London and surrounding regions in southwestern and central Ontario: ask Casey Robazza what he’s been up to and the focal point of his answer is helping men and women from various cities and towns in and around London look and feel good with hair.  Non-surgical hair replacement systems to be exact. That’s a successful longstanding track record that speaks to personal dedication to his craft and stability for his long-term and newer clients and the broader hair-replacement market covering cities and towns such as London, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Chatham, Leamington, Brantford, Guelph, Hamilton, Strathroy, St, Catharines, Windsor, Toronto, among others.
Thirty-five+ years…that’s a time perspective worth delving into a little deeper with commentary from Casey:
Perspective Point 1):
You, Casey Robazza, and your company Natural Choice Hair Replacement, represent stability for men and women from London and southwestern and central Ontario looking for non-surgical hair replacement solutions.
Casey’s Commentary:

“Thirty-five+ years in the business, the past 28 operating from London…wow!  Hard to believe. Seems like yesterday.  Yes…I guess with 35+ years’ experience dedicated to delivering non-surgical hair replacement it’s fair to say my name Casey, and the name Natural Choice Hair Replacement, signify market stability.  Truth is I enjoy what I do, and I feel privileged having helped 100s of men and women dealing with varying forms of hair loss get back their look with hair.  I have many long-term clients…by long term I mean 25+ years.  I’m proud I’ve played and continue to play an important part helping my clients project their unique looks with hair replacement.   I’m looking forward to doing a follow-up question/answer blog write-up to speak to 45 years!”
Casey Robazza Picture
Perspective Point 2):
Over the 35+ years you’ve been operating, approximately how many non-surgical hair replacement companies have come and gone?
Casey’s Commentary:
“Off the top of my head I’d say we’re talking a number around 10. I haven’t kept active count, but I’ve always been here to serve men and women who find me after their hair replacement provider/company leave the London and surrounding area or the hair-replacement business altogether. A lot of my client relationships have started because of this very situation.”
Perspective Point 3):
Why do you think many non-surgical hair replacement companies have come and gone while you remain as the stable name in non-surgical hair replacement for London Ontario and surrounding area?
Casey’s Commentary:
“There are lots of reasons individuals leave the area or the hair-replacement business altogether. A lot of the reasons can be highly personal. Like they can be no mater what kind of business we’re talking. Where franchises are at play – and there have been a few franchise hair-replacement operations in London and surrounding area that have come and gone – I think the business model may in some instances have been an issue. This is a very personal business. Franchises tend to restrict the personal nature of the business. I operated under a franchise umbrella. I understand the restrictions…the dictates. I have found when you’re dealing with the uniqueness of each client’s hair loss/non-surgical hair replacement solution situations, success is based on 100% focus on the individual’s situation…not the distraction of corporate mandates. For the decades I’ve been running as an independent, I have been able to provide this 100% focus along with hair and styling and maintenance products I personally source. And my mandate is providing service that is second-to-none. NCHR has a great service department. We’re talking a wealth of experience and know-how about the nuances and little details of non-surgical hair replacement that give NCHR an edge in the market. We do in-house hair adds. We have hundreds of systems and all kinds of styling and maintenance products at our disposal. At any time, we have lots of options to ensure our clients get and/or maintain the unique look they want with hair. And we operate in a fun environment. I always say, ‘There’s no environment as fun as being in my chair socializing, having some laughs.’”
Natural Choice Hair Replacement logo
Perspective Point 4):
On your web site and blog posts, you write in some detail about the “craft”. Expand a bit about the “craft” of non-surgical hair replacement.
Casey’s Commentary:
“At the end of the day, I’m a barber, I’m a hair stylist, I’m an arts and crafts guy, I’m a counsellor, I’m a businessman…facets of each of these roles are crafted into how I address and treat each client. You can break down the ‘craft’ idea into the business aspect, the technical non-surgical hair replacement aspect, and the people aspect. I come from a small business background. I was raised in a service industry environment. I know the nuances of running a business and treating people fairly and providing good service. I come by the hair business naturally. My late father operated an old-world-style barbershop where camaraderie was as important as the haircut. When the shop’s service offering expanded to include non-surgical hair replacement, I took a proactive interest in the business. Those years I was in my teens and I learned the fundamentals of non-surgical hair replacement, and I saw how the look with hair transformed men. Those years, it was only men. One of the biggest changes over the years is that woman in increasing numbers are dealing with hair loss issues and are looking for some way to deal with the loss. From a people perspective it’s about listening and engaging with a client and providing objective coaching about the options, the hair types and styling variations that are available and complementary to their facial features, and the long-term service and maintenance requirements involved. After that, the technical aspects of selecting the ‘right’ system and styling it to capture each client’s unique look with hair replacement come into play.  And don’t forget long-term support.  The overall approach is best expressed as Listen, Look, Craft, Support.  Check out our blog entitled ‘Non-Surgical Hair Replacement: The Craft’.”   Non-surgical hair crafting in action
Finished look with non-surgical hair replacement
Perspective Point 5):
Word of advice to women and men who are bothered by their hair loss and who are actively thinking about doing something about it.
Casey’s Commentary:
“Time and time again I hear ‘Wish I would have done it sooner.’ I hear that from men. I hear that from women. I say to women and men who are losing their hair but want a natural hair look…don’t wait. I understand the psychology of procrastination where hair loss is at issue. I’ve heard lots of reasons over the years. People concerned about confidentiality and discretion and worried about what other people will think and say. Those are common concerns. But the times are changing. Hair systems are refined and natural looking. There is a diminishing taboo around the issues of hair loss and hair replacement, as is the case with other forms of physical augmentation. Remember when tattoos were regarded with social contempt? Now they are vogue. People today present themselves with augmented looks in a number of ways. Socially accepted augmentation, you might now say. The important issue is how you feel about the look you are presenting. That’s an important point to keep in focus. If the look you really want to present includes a natural-looking head of hair, you can do it now or you can at some time in the future wish you would have done it sooner.”