You are thinking about non-surgical hair replacement because nature is playing its hand diminishing your hair or taking it away all together.  Now you are dealing with a gamut of negative feelings that strike in a number of ways.  Where there used to be a full head of hair, there’s now a memory of what was.  Likewise, there’s a memory of the overall persona that used to be, as the hair loss has altered your physical persona.  The loss of hair does that.  Emotionally, individuals are left dealing with one or more negative issues such as self-consciousness, low self-esteem, helplessness, pre-occupation, and envy (as cited from article The Psychology of Hair Loss at  The list of negatives goes on and on, and may include anger, depression, withdrawal, among others.  This is what I already know about a man or a woman who reaches out to me, drawing me into their world of hair loss and the negative feelings that associate with that world.  And make no mistake, the negative feelings of that world can be akin to real, tangible pain.  This is the dynamic that associates with the initial meeting between a man or woman who brings their hair loss to me.  I understand the dynamic: I have 30 years; experience to draw from.  I am honoured every time someone engages me in this highly personal issue, and from the onset my ears, eyes, and hands are focused on formulating a “natural” hair-replacement solution that marries the person dealing with hair loss with the “look” they want.  The “look” with hair!

My ears, eyes, and hands all play a role in the hair system/styling solution.

I listen carefully as a client shares his/her feelings, reflects on what used to be, and expresses their wishes for the future.  In all instances the feelings are entrenched in negatives, the reflections jaded by the present-tense reality of hair loss, and the wishes for the future ranging from sceptical to all but hopeless.  But hair loss situations are not hopeless…in fact, the more I listen and the more I become engaged with you and your emotions, the more determined I am to work side-by-side with you to formulate your “look” with hair!  It’s all positive.

I see your future positive, eyes analysing your facial and cranial features.  And although a client’s opinion always determines the final look, I understand it’s my responsibility to share my expertise and provide coaching support so all bases are covered.  Making sure each and every client is aware of the hair types and styling variations that are available and understanding which hair types and styling variations are complementary to their facial and cranial features is critical for putting negative emotions to rest and alleviating concerns and even fear.

With emotions in check and the solution clearly envisioned, the hands take over.  Let the crafting begin!  Crafting takes place in the NCHR Crafting Room that strikes as an arts and crafts centre.  Sewing, gluing, cutting, ventilating (adding hair) colouring, perming, fabricating, treating, conditioning, matching colour, styling, curling, straightening, cleaning, repairing…these tasks and more are performed in the Crafting Room.  Crafting is meticulous.  Crafting is precise.  Crafting is cutting with precision dictated by the unique situation of the client.  It’s taking density into account and cutting accordingly.  Thin but not too thin, and knowing the difference.  Crafting considers that light draws your eye forward, dark draws it back: the consideration taken into account, the hands accentuate the hair to different parts of the face or head.  Crafting is pin-pointing the length of centre balance hair (on top) and determining where the eye goes….center of eye, outside eye, cheekbone, hollow of the cheek, jaw-line.  Crafting is all this and more.  My experience serves well here…I have crafted over 2000 hair system solutions for men and women.

Listen, Look, Craft, Support…The Essence of a Solution to Hair Loss: With 30+ years’ experience, I’m attuned more than ever to the emotional aspect of the hair loss; and I’m committed to serving as a stabilizing influence both short and long term: short term in working side-by-side with you to formulate your “look” with hair, and long term in serving as your stylist, coach, and, yes – even friend.