Nothing is as permanent as change.  That’s an adage that resonates with people in many ways in today’s world marked by fast-changing trends and changing laws and social mores and values.

Consider the topics hair loss, balding, and hair replacement.  It’s not that long ago that the mention of hair loss, balding and hair replacement would result in hesitation and awkwardness in a social interaction.   Even though research studies have indicated for years that tens of millions of men and women across the globe experience varying types and degrees of hair loss, until recently the topics were treated as hush-hush, almost taboo.

Today, taboos around these issues are vastly diminishing thanks in large measure to the celebrity circuit opening up to the public about their hair loss and proudly embracing their looks with less hair, no hair, and an assortment of looks with hair replacement.  No more hush-hush, hiding the truth in the shadows, so to speak.   Today’s social climate is becoming increasing receptive to men and women proudly showing their balding, total baldness, and looks with hair replacement and the different personas and attitudes that only hair can convey.   And women and men are doing just that!

Recently, actor John Travolta posted an Instagram ( of himself bald.

John Travolta is forever etched on movie fans by his Saturday Night Fever and Stayin’ Alive movie personas topped by thick, slick, styled hair.  Hair was and will remain a principal aspect of the John Travolta Saturday Night Fever and Stayin’ Alive personas.   Remember the line at the end of Stayin’ Alive when John Travolta says confidently (and with thick, bushy, styled hair) “You know what I wanna do? Strut.”  Then, he kicks open a door and struts along New York’s Times Square streets.  When you think of those John Travolta personas, you think of the man with hair.

JT Look With and Without Fair
JT Saturday Night Fever Look JT Stayin' Alive Look
His recent showing of the bald look introduces us to another physical persona of the man. And that’s cool. But it’s not the persona that applies to his Saturday Night Fever and Stayin’ Alive personas.

Other celebrities who have brought the issues out of the shadows include Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, Sarah Hyland, Keira Knightley, Debra Messing, Rosie O’Donnell, Bruce Wilis, Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, Elton John, Chuck Norris, Jude Law, Billy Bob Thornton, Jason Alexander, among others. Each of these entertainers has conveyed different personas with and without hair. (Check out the other sources links referenced at the end of this blog for pictures of these and other celebrities.)

Are you using your hair loss/baldness and related hair-replacement to express different personas, different aspects of yourself, different attitudes? NCHR is dealing with a growing client list of men and women who are not afraid to present their hair loss and baldness to the world, but at the same time want to change up their looks and present different personas with hair from time to time. Some are changing it up for professional reasons, other for personal reasons: the balding motivational speaker whose ability to captivate audiences is empowered by a persona with hair. The Saturday night clubber whose carefree party vibe requires a persona marked by hair. The occasional dater whose confidence and moxey is enhanced with a look with hair. The salesperson whose comfortable in the office bald but who relies on a power suit and persona with hair to close the “big” deal. The amateur musician who plays rock’n’roll in synch with a rocker’s youth persona, complete with hair.

What persona/personas do you want to capture with hair?

NCHR is experienced helping men and women capture unique personas with non-surgical hair-replacement solutions.

Embrace the diminishing hair-loss taboo and show different aspects of yourself, different attitudes, different personas with hair! Beauty!


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