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You’re experiencing hair loss and you’re not happy about it.  It’s a problem.  You’re not alone.  In the USA, according to latest available data, 21 million women and 35 million [men] are presently suffering from hair loss problem (  That’s 55+ million just in the US alone.  Considered worldwide, it’s safe to project the 55+ million number of people suffering from hair loss problem to a number in the 100s of millions.  Hundreds of millions of men and women suffering from hair loss problem!  Yes…it’s a problem on a grand scale.  A problem affecting multitudes.  You’re not alone.  Although you may feel alone.
Now, dealing with a problem, any problem, requires focus, a take-charge attitude, and mettle.  But the hair loss you are experiencing has shaken your confidence.  So you are in fact dealing with two problems.  You are going to deal with your hair loss, but you first must psyche yourself to boost your confidence.  The business of psyching yourself is difficult, more so than you thought it would be, so your intention to deal with your hair loss without delay has gotten delayed by procrastination.  Now you’re dealing with three problems.  Time keeps churning in its unforgiving way while the hair loss you are experiencing intensifies.  You notice more thinning, more scalp.  Your image is changing right before your eyes.  And you don’t like what you see.  You are now avoiding social situations that used to get you pumped.  Now you are dealing with a fourth problem.  You’re finding that your love life isn’t immune.  It’s quickly losing its lustre.   You are now dealing with a fifth problem.  You opt out of activities you used to love.  No swimming: the water mats what’s left of your hair, which accentuates your balding areas.  Another problem to add to the fast-growing list.  What’s next?   Your quality of life is taking a nosedive.  You’re worried.    You never used to be a worrier.  Problems, problems, problems… Alopecia


Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom from someone with 30 years’ experience dealing with people and hair loss…step back, stop, and consider the root of your mounting problems.  The root is not that you aren’t as active as you were not long ago.  The root is not that you’re not stepping out like you used to.   The root isn’t in the challenge of psyching yourself.  The root is that your hair is departing from your head right before your eyes.  You are in transition from a look with a full head of hair to a look with diminishing hair.  You can do nothing and transition to baldness, or you can act as if you are a player in a game: The Transition Game, Hair Loss to Hair Replacement.  (Download our  .pdf document entitled The Transition Game.)

Tackle the root, wrest it under control, and you break the cycle of mounting life problems.

Tackling the Root Cause of the Cycle of Mounting Problems

Hair replacement.  It’s that simple.  Replace your hair loss with hair replacement.

Look at your options.

One of them is non-surgical hair replacement. That’s where NCHR comes into play.  Our non-invasive methods of hair replacement strike at the root of hair loss, breaking the cycle of mounting problems.  NCHR consults with you, helping you determine the course of action best for you.  At NCHR, it’s hands-on, proactive, engaging.  We work with clients.  We order your hair replacement system based on your specifications.  We do the fitting mapped to your natural hairline so your look is natural.  Just as though you still had your original hair.  Cut and styled to perfection, and supported by on-going styling/service support.  Your worries are over.  NCHR has your back, so to speak.  With thousands of hair replacement systems provided, NCHR is the solution that puts the brakes on the cycle of mounting problems that typically associate with hair loss.  Forget your problems problems problems.  Think solution! Think NCHR!


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