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Hair Loss at the Root of Life Problems

CaseySpeaksHairReplacement: “Hair Loss at the Root of Life Problems” You’re experiencing hair loss and you’re not happy about it.  It’s a problem.  You’re not alone.  In the USA, according to latest available data, 21 million women and 35 million [men] are presently...

Stress, Hair Loss and Hair Shedding.

Stress Stress.  The word is synonymous with today’s world.  Frequently, you hear people complaining about the stress they feel.  Job stress.  Debt stress.  Health stress.  Family problems-related stress.  All kinds of stress.    Sometimes when an individual is feeling...

Seasonal Hair Loss

October. It’s a month we associate with significant seasonal change. Daily temperatures typically drop into the crisp-cool category as the month progresses. Green leaves on trees transform color, their viridescence morphing to a bevy of yellow, orange, and russet...

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